What My Clients Say about Me

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With


Kevs Dockman

Vice President

“Working with Brenn is a pleasure. He picks up information quickly, does the research, identifies problems, and finds solutions on his own. When all else fails, he communicates efficiently to get the answers he needs to move forward and complete the task at hand. I look forward to continuing to work with Brenn in the future.”

“Brenn is doing an excellent job! He has really stepped up and shown that he has the ability to learn new things and is willing to take on and learn whatever the team needs help with. He is turning into a versatile team member by helping out with multiple different areas. He helps setup and configure marketing automations and when he has time on his hands he helps with support tickets which has been a big help! .”
Anne Maria
Lead Director of Candy & Co.
“Brenn is a HubSpot rockstar! Glad to have him on the team and glad to have him handling our marketing automation processes!”
Chris Evan
Editor at Daily Nation
“The only person who I can always deal with at work. A very transparent and self driven person when it comes to duties and responsibilities. I haven't thought of him being able to handle the circumstances in marketing strategies. A person of many skills and open minded individual. He's the best candidate I can always recommend when it comes to managerial position. Seeing all his potential makes him an extraordinary person. .”
Bruno Diaz
Manager of Digibiz Agency
“It's wonderful having Brenn on the team. Although I haven't worked with him directly, I think he is doing great. He is nice and approachable. Brenn upholds our Core Values - Quality, Growth, Teamwork, Innovation, Balance..”
Diana Lora
Director of Bumi Express
“I haven't had the opportunity to work very closely with Brenn, but he was a huge help when we were developing and launching Sport's website. I know he wears many hats in his role and I've heard nothing but good things!”
Damian Joe
Founder of Dallan Clothing
“Brenn is the most vibrant person I've ever worked with as a designer, a writer and a friend. He knows how to listen to suggestions and concerns, even in regards to technicality. He voices out. He is reasonable and professional, very passionate and very honest. He is very patient, even when it comes to my obsessive compulsiveness on to tiny details. He's got all the makings of an EXCEPTIONAL leader. Truly a man who can roll with the tides..”
Lorraine Lim
Manager of ExtraMail